Best Free UX Design Groups and Communities to join in 2024


Internet communities are not just great for introverts. It’s a great way for any UX designer to connect with each other, discuss the industry, and maybe even hook each other up with job opportunities.

Before diving into this list of communities, I’ll let you in on a couple secrets for making

Secret #1: You don’t have to join everyone. Just pick one you can stick to.

This list of UX design groups will be a lot less overwhelming if you decide to just start with one that fits your vibe. If you hate LinkedIn but are active on Facebook, start with Facebook first.

If you aren’t on any of these platforms, be patient in exploring. Maybe you start with one platform but realize another one fits your style better.

Secret #2: Contribution is the name of the game.

Do not – I repeat do not – be a “hit and run” group member. This is someone who joins just to get resources or ask their question, and don’t engage with anyone else in the group. Instead, add value. Be a good contributor who comments or reacts on other’s posts. This will go a long way when you need help from the community.

For this updated post I’ll focus on the following free platforms for joining free UX communnities: Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack and Discord.

Best UX Design Facebook Groups

UXBeginner Facebook Group

You know I can’t help repping UXBeginner’s very own Facebook group. It’s particularly helpful for newer designers transitioning into the UX field.

Link to join:

UXPA – User Experience Professionals Association Facebook Group

UXPA is one of the longest running UX-focused organizations out there. I started my career going to UXPA meetups and I’m happy to report that the Facebook Group is still going strong.

Link to join:

Microcopy & UX Writing

I love this content-focused Facebook Group. The participants are funny and share content-related memes, and well as ask great discussion questions focused on UX writing, content strategy and content design.

Link to join:

Best UX Design LinkedIn Groups

User experience (UX) design, Product Design, Service Design

Started by UXThisWeek, this is one of the most active groups on LinkedIn that’s a good way to keep up with the product design industry. A little less spammy than the other big LinkedIn Groups on the internet.

Link to join:

UX Writing Professionals

A breath of fresh air – this is a smaller, more tight knit group on LinkedIn that loves to discuss content strategy, writing and more.

Link to join:

UX / HCI Researchers

As the name suggests, this LinkedIn group focuses on user research. Not overwhelming + relatively active = a good sweet spot for an online community.

Link to join:

Best UX Design Reddit (Subreddits)

Subreddits = interest groups on Reddit. Subreddits are denoted by r/ in front of it, like r/userexperience. Reddit tends to be anonymous, which can make it a great place to ask more sensitive questions.


This is the biggest and long run Subreddit on user experience. Discussions tend to be more professional and there are truly some excellent news and discussions going on in this subreddit.

Link to join:


A tidy-but-active subreddit focused on the fine art of UX writing.

Link to join:


Not to be confused by the much bigger r/userexperience, I find that this smaller subreddit can hold its own. It’s flavor is more casual in nature.

Link to join:

Best UX Design Slack Groups

Designer Hangout

One of the oldest and most successful Slack groups dedicated to UX

Link to join:

Designer Talk

Great Slack Group for discussing job opportunities and even getting feedback on your UX design projects.

Link to join:


Like UXPA, this is one of the oldest orgs around dedicated to Interaction Design (hence the “Ix”) and they happen to have a helpful Slack Group:

Link to join:

Best UX Design Discord Groups


A very interactive UX Discord group that comes with design challenges, memes, and videos.

Link to join:

Design Squad

UX resources like blogs and books, design challenges and job openings!

Link to join:


A great Discord for more beginner UX folks to dip their feet in.

Link to join:

And there you have it, the top 3 UX groups for each of the most popular community platforms.

If this helped you out, I’m curious which group you end up joining!