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This week’s UX roundup: Adobe MAX conference, Is It Time to Quit Your Job, Marvel Character or Font, and more!

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Never Forget a Good Idea Again

It’s unpredictable when your next idea could spark. For me, it’s either when I’m mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or trying to fall asleep. My brain churns ideas at these inconvenient moments and then the next second, I’m distracted and forget about them. If that happens to you too, well, we’re in luck because this article will tell us exactly how to never forget a good idea again! 

There are 3 steps: capture, sort, and process.

First, capture the idea by writing it down before you forget. I used to think my brain could hold everything but I’ve learned from many grocery trips that if I don’t write a list, I’ll forget something. 

After we capture the thought, we sort it. Is this a work or passion idea? How long will it take? There are many ways to categorize the idea so clumping it with other like-ideas will not only organize your idea but also help you bring yourself to the next step: process.

Process is my favorite step – I like to start with a brain dump with everything that comes to mind relating to the idea. That way, I can go back to make connections and build an actionable plan from it. Afterward, it’s just about repeating the process and building good habits. 


Adobe MAX conference – October 26-28th, 2021

After last year’s successful virtual free conference, Adobe MAX is back again with a ground-breaking global virtual conference. With the appearances of well-known artists such as Henry Golding, Kenan Thompson, Imagine Dragons, and others, this is a conference you won’t want to miss! 


Is it time to quit your job?

UI Narrative Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Tolu Garcia aimed to share the stories from people of color, interface designers and researchers, and their contributions to creating user-centered experiences.

I came across this podcast episode and immediately thought about “The Great Resignation” that has been brewing since productive workers have been brought back into the office to do work. For one reason or another, we’ve seen companies losing out on great employees due to the lack of interest in their role pre-pandemic. 

Quitting a job completely and trying something new is scary – I’ve been there and it was rough. But this podcast allows you to walk away with deep reflection and actionable steps to not only quit your current role but also find something that is a better fit for you. 


7 Magic “Mores” to Improve UX/UI

You’ve put together a fantastic product but then it slowly fails the expectations of your users, what do you do? Using the lens of “give more” to your users, you can remedy the situation by figuring out what is lacking and how to better address user needs. Here are the 7 “mores”: 

  1. Attention – remove distractions
  2. Value – provide a clear purpose
  3. Motivation – play into the desire
  4. Involvement – who to contact
  5. Usefulness – why does your product matter?
  6. Freshness – keeping up with trends
  7. Ease – is it easy to use? 


Marvel Character or Font

Taking this quiz made me realize that I should probably go watch some more Marvel movies… Or study up on fonts… Or both?


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip


ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier

Stardew Valley’s game developer, ConcernedApe, recently released a preview of a new game that is speculated to release in 2023 and I AM BEYOND EXCITED. Looking through the gameplay video, I picked up many elements of similarity between this new game and his original game such as interactions with NPCs, artwork, following recipes, and combat. The similarities drawn from the two games will minimize learnability and excite loyal fans who have been addicted to the original game (like me). 


The Shape of Design

The salesman doesn’t tell an untruth in order to get us to work towards it. Instead, he misrepresents what is in front of us so that we buy into a mirage. It’s a messy distinction, and it’s why design, rhetoric, and politics are so sticky and often mistrusted: the language we use to build the world is so close to what can be used to undermine it. Design and persuasion are manipulative, and if we have the skills to seduce others toward green pastures, we can also lead them off a cliff.

As summed up nicely by Frank Chimero in the quote above, we are attracted to certain products because of how they are presented to us but that can make us uneasy when it’s pointed out. This read is meant for seasoned designers to look for a different angle and push boundaries on their current work. Appreciate the way the book is written and understand that Frank Chimero leaves some things up for your interpretation too! 


HotJar Heat Map

Heat maps are a tool to use during user testing to see what on your website is drawing your audience’s attention. You can try it for free now and incorporate it into future projects. 


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