UX Tools of the Trade

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5 responses to “UX Tools of the Trade”

  1. Micah Tinklepaugh Avatar

    This is great. My biggest weak spot is talking about my process. I’m going back through my portfolio and answering those three questions. Finishing school in March and am on the market. Even with 2 years experience its hard to get something. This gave me the competitive edge I needed. Thanks so much.

    1. oz Avatar

      You’ll do great Micah. The SF market (from what I’ve heard) is a tough one to crack, so be patient with yourself!

    2. linglingn Avatar

      Agree! Two years is entry-level. I have 8 years of web design, visual and front-end coding but it’s from 2000-2008 back when UX wasn’t a profession yet. Since then, I was teaching Interaction Design at a associate’s degree level. Just graduated from 2 years post-grad Interaction Design and struggling to find work because I don’t have direct and recent experience. The stint in academia was a mistake but industry grew so much more exciting.

  2. mpbowes Avatar

    Thank’s for the hosting plug, super reasonable pricing for powerful features.

  3. Samantha Avatar

    Thank you so much for your advice. This site is really giving me confidence in pursuing UX.

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