TUT #32: New UX FAQ page, UX becoming a commodity & 2018 design trends

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Launched: the brand new UX frequently asked questions page. After curating hundreds of questions from readers via email, Facebook and my own career coaching, I present you the top questions & answers across 4 categories. If you have a question about UX careers, this page is likely to have an answer for you.

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Technically, UX is easier than ever. Compared to even 5 years ago when UX was younger, now we’ve got templates, style guides, and established design conventions. This article argues that the Golden Age of UX is over, and that if you were not one of the early adopters, there’s still room left in business & product strategy. The original author revisits this topic in the podcast UX has become a commodity.

  • Highlight: “When you understand the growth metrics and strategies for the product you work on, you’re going to be able to create solutions that not only delight your users, but help push the business in the right direction.”

Top interactive agency Fjord (now owned by Accenture) released their 2018 Fjord Trends, a look at what’s ahead in the future of business + design + tech. A fun exploration of tech themes like the internet of things and more powerful algorithms, which will all be more embedded (and invisible) in our lives faster than we’d think.

  • Highlight: Who trains the next generation if AI is doing all the junior work? Organizations need a plan for enabling their staff to evolve.Employee experience is a key differentiator in the search for talent.

See that cute avatar in your profile settings? What benefits do user avatars provide anyway, especially if you’re not designing a social network? I love topics like this on StackOverflow, which make me question designs that I take for granted.

  • Highlight: One user comments that “It may show users that the company doesn’t just think they are a number or name, they are more than that. Its a face to a name.” I would add that in lieu of personalized user avatars, at least show a name or use defaults avatars that make sense  – like animal icons for a pet store. What do you think of user avatars?

I love getting out of my American bubble and seeing examples of design across the globe. This article explores the booming market for digital design in Cambodia. Idea for UX designers who want to be digital nomads: consider new markets around the world where design is just taking off (and in which you can ride the wave), versus more established markets.

  • Highlight: “Cambodia has reduced poverty levels by half in just a decade, so as such the smartphone is an encouraging symbol of modernization…Mobile penetration is almost 100% so the digital industry in Cambodia has a bright and exciting future.”

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🏁Career Coaching Corner: The last time you said to a new acquaintance “Hey, let’s hang out sometime” … did it ever happen?

Probably not, because it’s as generic as emailing a professional to “pick” their brain. If you remember one thing from this Lifehacker article, it’s to do your research and be specific when reaching out to potential mentors, companies and people you want to meet. It will go a long way to helping you stand out as a designer and getting a response.

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