PM-Designers: the next UX Unicorns ๐Ÿฆ„

Soft-skills to brush up on, different kinds of designers, and more! Plus: new UX remote jobs!

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A unicorn is a mythical horse that’s supposed to have a single horn rising from the center of its head. A UX unicorn has no horn growing out of its head and is neither a horse but is just as rare as a mythical unicorn.

Design unicorn” usually refers to someone who is good at all aspects of UX design work, graphic design, and coding. Think of this as the triple threat of someone who can bring their designs to life. 

A new kind of unicorn is rising — the designer who can do product management. This includes being able to form business strategy and manage projects. Find out more in designer — PMs are the next unicorns, especially if you already have a business background!

If you’re itching for new tools to try this toolkit of a product designer in 2020 might tickle your fancy. These are some of the best tools to keep you up-to-date and help you get your work done in the innovative, fast-paced design industry. 

To add to your ever-growing repertoire of UX skills, you might want to consider 10 soft skills for UI & UX designers. While it may be important to know the latest design tools and trends, it’s just as important to develop social skills such as providing constructive feedback, actively listening, presenting, and more!

Not all designers are made equal. Actually, there are roughly 5 types of designers, what kind of a Designer are you? 

Hiring managers and UX directors alike, no one cares how much you’re paid to work the projects displayed on your portfolio because what they’re looking to understand is your design process. Hiring managers are often looking for how and why you made the decisions for your project rather than if it was implemented. 

Adobe continues to feed pleased designers by now allow us to ideate visually anywhere with the Whiteboard plugin for Adobe xD. Included in this plugin are also many brainstorming templates such as affinity diagram, card sorting, empathy map, and more!

Designing for mobile can be hard because of the need to be native so here are 32 design differences between iOS and Android apps. These guidelines will increase our awareness as designers because it is important to understand the usage patterns and how creating an app would fit organically into a user’s habits. 

Remote To-dos: 

Remote UX Jobs

Product Designer

Severalnines provides automation and management software for database clusters.

Requirements: 5+ years of software UX/UI and visual design experience; proficiency in HTML and CSS for rapid prototyping; up-to-date with latest UX&UI trends, techniques and best practices

#startup #smallteam #unicornpotential

Visual Designer

HUSL Digital creates digital experiences for forward-thinking companies and organizations. 

Requirements: 3+ years of professional experience designing brand identities, creating wireframes, and visual designs for web, desktop, and mobile; a portfolio of work; ability to meet tight deadlines while working on team projects

#contract #greatperks #flexible

UI/UX Designer

vidIQ is the first YouTube audience development and management suite that helps brands and agencies grow their views and subscribers. 

Requirements: 5+ years working in design or the combined equivalent of education and/or experience of 5-10 years; mastery of Creative Cloud apps – Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

#greatperks #smallteam #friendlycoworkers

UX/UI Designer

#HASH enables everybody to make the right decisions by making raw information and expert knowledge understandable and usable by all.

Requirements: extensive experience designing responsive B2B web applications in tools such as Figma, Framer X or Sketch; expert understanding of cross-browser and cross-device design considerations

#startup #smallteam

Remote Senior UX Positions

Director of UX

SecurityScorecard empowers organizations with collaborative security intelligence. 

Requirements: 8+ years of UX and Design experience, primarily in B2B SaaS; 5+ years of leading designers; bachelor’s or master’s design in design, related field or equivalent work experience as a designer

#greatperks #bigcompany #leadershiprole

Senior Product Designer

Rollbar provides the context, control, and insights companies need to identify problems their software development teams know how to fix. 

Requirements: 5+ years of professional experience in an individual contributor role or on a Product Design team for a desktop web app; a portfolio of recent UX/UI work; strong knowledge of HTNL and CSS

#smallteam #greatperks #startup

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    The candy crush article by David was another interesting recommendation.

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