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Skillshare for learning UX Design

The magic of Skillshare for designers is the range of courses, from hyper-specific classes like the 48 minute Handcrafting an 8-bit website to the full-fledged Complete Design Thinking Masterclass.

Pros of using Skillshare:

  • Clean web & mobile app for learning on-the-go
  • Cheap monthly subscription that’s easy to cancel any time
  • Certain classes have projects and exercises – and you can also see other students’ submitted UX work!

You can buy Skillshare courses individually, but it’s more worth it to pay the cheap monthly subscription to watch unlimited UX courses.

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In this guide, I hand-picked 10 UX courses unique to Skillshare and ordered them from high-level design skills to courses on design strategy + presentation. Enjoy!

– Oz Chen, reviewer & founder of

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Career transition

UX Basics

1 Class Project

~2.5 hours

The cat’s out of the bag—graphic designers know that they can make a lot more money switching into tech as a UX designer. This course is focused on helping graphic design professionals understand – and transition into – UX design. You’ll learn… 

  • The difference between UI & UX.
  • What the relevant tools are for UX Designers.
  • How much UX designers can earn.
  • The main job responsibilities UX designers have

Consider this a UX basics course covering research, wireframes and user testing, but specifically for the graphic design professional.

User research

PhD Instructor

5 mini projects

30 minutes

Can an experience be *truly* user-centered if it’s not inclusive?

In this course, learn exactly what is inclusive design through research and empathy building. You’ll also learn…

  • Tools to measure the accessibility of your product
  • Resources for implementing inclusivity in your designs
  • Key considerations for user research and testing

90% of UI design is text. So how do you make write those pieces of content in the most user-friendly way?

This Skillshare course covers the 6 major types of microcopy most UXers will come across in a design project. You’ll get…

  • 17 mini writing projects
  • How to make sure forms are written correctly
  • A sense of how to write copy in user interfaces


Staff Pick

1 project

~1 hour

This is a Skillshare Staff Pick for a good reason – it’s a beginner-friendly course that’ll teach new UX designers the basics of prototyping, which include:

  • Methods for analog prototyping
  • How to create a digital prototype
  • How to do user testing with your prototype

It’s jam-packed with practical info and it’s just under one hour in total lecture time.

UI Basics

4 quizzes

42 minutes

This is a great UX beginner course because it teaches visual design principles alongside sketching skills. This is the type of course I wish I took before jumping straight into wireframes and UI design. You’ll get…

  • How to quickly generate ideas through sketching
  • Thorough lessons on Gestalt principles
  • Communicate your design ideas visually through sketches
You’ll come away with a practical UX skill you can use throughout every design project.

Mobile UI Design


11 Class Projects

~1.5 hours

Ready for a hands-on course to design a mobile app? You’ll practice UI design basics like layouts, fonts and colors all inside Adobe XD (free version).

You’ll also get…

  • Practice with UI elements like lists, inputs and empty states
  • How to turn static designs into interactive prototypes
  • The start of a mobile UX portfolio piece

Design collaboration

how to own the ux

work with developers

~1 hour

This course delivers exactly on it’s title. You’ll not only learn an entire design thinking toolkit, but also when and why to use them in your projects.

Bonus: each topic covered is an excellent example of UX deliverables you can include in your case studies, like:

  • Affinity mapping
  • Analytics
  • Competitive reviews

Design strategy


1 project

46 minutes

One of the unexpected truths about UX is that you still have to explain what user experience is to stakeholders.

In this course, you’ll learn how to explain your UX work in a way that makes sense to a broader team. (This is also a vital skill to have during UX interviews).

This course also features a mini-project in writing a design proposal, which will be great for UX freelancers looking to pitch design work to clients.



1 Class Project

~3 hours

Presentations are a reality for every designer. You’ll have to present your case studies for UX interviews, present ideas to work colleagues to get their buy-in, and even make presentations to get a UX freelance client.

This course will teach you how to create clear and effective presentations through different stages of the design process.

Since you can stream unlimited courses with Skillshare Premium, I’d be remiss not to mention the Staff Pick course Presentation Design for Smart People, which offers broader frameworks on designing any presentation.


UI practice

1 project

~2 hours

Ever use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant? This is the realm of Voice User Interface (“VUI”) design, and it’s a hot niche that presents a great career opportunity for designers.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of conversation design
  • How to write and design for chatbots
  • Specific knowledge on writing commands, error messages and Voice UI use cases

By the end of the course, you’ll know the top Voice UX best practices and mistakes to avoid. You’ll also have enough knowledge to develop at chatbot on your own!

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New to Skillshare? I hope this hand-picked selection gives you more confidence on your UX learning path.

The great thing about Skillshare is that you can watch unlimited UX courses (and way more other categories) with a low-cost, easy to cancel monthly subscription.

Skillshare was able to offer a special 14 days of Skillshare Premium for free to UXBeginner readers.

This is a great option to learn UX and support at the same time. Thank you!

– Oz Chen, reviewer & founder of


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