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Little known UX learning hack: get course discounts using cash back tools

If you haven’t been using Rakuten for cash back while shopping, you’ve been missing out. Just like Honey, Rakuten is a browser extension that automatically finds cash back or discounts while you’re shopping.

Here’s the big surprise: Rakuten works while you’re shopping for UX design courses too.

The top 3 learning platforms I’ve found cash back on are: Udemy, Springboard, and Coursera. These have the most generous partnerships with Rakuten.

But first, I’ll show you how to get $40 free—this can easily negate the cost of buying a course itself!

Note: this post contains referral links that will pay both you and I bonuses. All services are vetted by the UXB team and use of referral links helps support the free content on this site.

Step by step: How to earn cash back (and triple dip)

Step 1: Use my referral link to visit Rakuten and install the browser extension. My link will get you $40 in cash back for free after your first purchase.

Step 2: Visit Springboard, Coursera or Udemy to buy your desired UX course. The Rakuten modal should pop up.

Step 3: Activate the Rakuten offer from the modal and you should see a confirmation like this:

Step 4: Buy the course. You should then see your cash back confirmation as a completed “shopping trip” and cash back pending.

That’s it!

Here are some illustrations of how this can save you money on the specific UX programs mentioned.

Rakuten discount for Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp

Springboard’s UX programs cost around $1,590 per month or an upfront payment of $11,900 for 9 months.

Rakuten’s current cash back offer means you can save up to $39.75 a month or $297.50 off the cost of a UX design bootcamp.

Rakuten discount for Skillshare

Skillshare has a premium “all you can learn” subscription. Here’s how you can double dip:

  • Use UXB’s partner link to get 2-4 weeks of SkillShare for free. (Usually 2 weeks free, now 1 month free!)
  • Use Rakuten to get $9 off your eventual subscription price
  • That easily gives you another month free of learning

Rakuten discount for Udemy

Udemy has more a-la-carte courses for your purchase. Sometimes, they have really generous cash back deals, like the current 22.5% off using Rakuten.

  • Check out our recommended UX courses on Udemy
  • Use Rakuten to get anywhere from 10% to 22.5% off your course purchase
  • Courses are often less than $40, so the Rakuten signup bonus already pays for your course, and more with the cash back!

Some other pro tips (triple dipping opportunities)

  • To triple dip, you can put this purchase on a cash back credit card
  • You can use Honey alongside Rakuten. Honey has a bigger database of coupons, but Rakuten has more generous cash back. So at checkout, I may use Honey to scour and apply the best coupons. This will deactivate Rakuten. But after you find the best coupon, just copy and paste it. Then reactivate Rakuten.
  • If you refresh or exit out of a browser window, that may “deactivate” Rakuten’s offer and you may have to reactivate it. Rakuten will usually pop up with a modal telling you so, but it doesn’t hurt to double check
  • Take screenshots of your cash back in the rare instance where your cash back is not tracked correctly. Then you can email Rakuten

Note that as is the nature of promotions and coupons, Rakuten’s offers may not last forever. They may change, decrease, or even get more generous!

For example, Rakuten’s sign up bonus used to be $30, and currently it’s $40.

Ready to snag up UX design courses at a discount?

Use my referral link to get a $40 cash back bonus after your first purchase:

For a dedicated article on Rakuten, you can read my article on my personal finance blog.


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