Tuesday UX Trainer: Blockchain and Design

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You reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.

In an issue of Remote UX Jobs (a separate newsletter curating UX jobs), I noted that “blockchain” is becoming a new industry UXers can design for, including AI, VR and eCommerce.

In this issue let’s dive into exactly what blockchain is and why it matters to UX designers.

The setup: Just as HTTP is the underlying technology behind the internet, blockchain is the foundational new tech behind cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. If that sounded like gobbledegook just now, I found these two videos to be the best primers: Understand the Blockchain in 2 Minutes and 19 Industries the Blockchain Will Disrupt.

Blockchain from a designer’s perspective: Blockchain and Design features an interview with Matt Storus, lead designer at blockchain startup at Earn.com. Interesting tidbit for designers: “The world of blockchain is very technically focused and under-designed. This represents a massive opportunity for designers to shape a still-young industry.” Read the full article on the role of designers in blockchain.

A growing job market: Blockchain development was recently the 2nd most in-demand job skill (Computer World). To browse through some job opps in this market, here’s a link that filters Angelist for “blockchain” + “design” roles. Currently ~73 relevant jobs!

Did this pique your interest? Get yourself some (cheap) edumacation: 

The best beginner course on this topic is  Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals. Top-rated teacher George Levy covers essential knowledge about cryptocurrency & misconceptions to avoid.

This industry is still young, which means it represents a ton of opportunities – if you can stay ahead of the pack on this inevitable tech, why not give it a look?

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