The job of the UX Designer is about to undergo radical change

Leading Healthcare UX Design Trends, the 1% Designer and some other stuff. Plus: new remote UX Jobs

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  • We’re becoming smarter and more creative. New products are creating new use cases, and shape society by challenging what has never been done. For us, that means The Job of the UX Designer is About to Undergo Radical Change to keep up with the fast-paced changes in our world. A technology we’re talking about is AI – how will we embrace the strategic side between the various devices? 
  • As the healthcare paradigm shifts towards value-based care, understanding, and delivering an optimal patient experience, UX plays an important role. Some of the current Leading Healthcare UX Design Trends include rapid ID authentication, predictive AI technology, and privacy by design. Don’t miss out on this whitepaper which details all 8 trends! 
  • Maybe you’re looking to improve your UX skills – where should you start? Using The 1% Designer method, you can pick a finite skill to dedicate your fullest potential to daily. While 1% seems very small, “small and steady” accumulates over time just like the compounding interest in your savings account. 
  • A key habit of becoming a highly effective designer is to Make It a Habit to Externalize Your Design Work. This means that some of the things you could be doing are: sketching and taking notes, whiteboarding during meetings, as well as printing your work out and sharing it broadly. By sharing your thoughts and having conversations throughout the design process, you share the importance of the project and stay on track of achiever user goals. 
  • Forget the fancy distractions that designers are jazzing up user interfaces with, here’s A Checklist to Improve Your Product UI. This list is less about design trends and fashions, and more about fundamental design principles that make for good designs – designs that want to be used!

Designer’s Toolkit

Created by Product Designer Jon Yablonski, Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can reference when building their user interfaces. This list covers many important UX rules and creates a solid foundation for UX designers regardless of skill-level. Each law is represented by the classic covers of minimalist books that help you memorize these laws, rather than just collecting them! 

Remote UX Jobs

Visual Designer – Contract

HUSL Digital, formerly known as UpTreading, is a full-service digital agency specializing in delivering high-value results for high-growth companies and organizations. 

Requirements: 3+ years of professional experience designing; a portfolio of work; expert-level skills in Adobe CC products and prototyping tools such as Sketch, InvisionApp or UX Pin

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Staff Product Designer

WebFlow helps designers create beautiful and responsive websites without the need for coding knowledge or a developer. 

Requirements: strong communication skills and great written documentation; eagerness to learn and expand skillsets; ability to thrive under then autonomy to conceptualize and manage your own initiatives 

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Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior UX Designer, Polaris

Shopify is a platform built for independent business owners to manage and grow their business. 

Requirements: strong communication skills and ability to collaborate across teams and disciplines; empathy for users, passion for systems work, knowledge of end-to-end interactive product design process

#flexible #greatperks #bigcompany

Senior Product Designer

Retail Zipline is aSaaS internal communication and workflow solution that helps retailers optimize profitability and store performance.

Requirements: portfolio; 8+ years of experience as software UI/UX designer; expert in CSS/SCSS, SASS, understanding of HTML5, and proficiency in web design tools and applications such as Adobe XD, InVision, Figma, etc. 

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