TUT 46: Content Strategy from a UX Perspective, Black Friday Sale and UX is Booming in Dallas

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In ‘Merica, Thanksgiving is around the corner. Reading Pew Research’s collection of 100 responses to the question: “where do you find meaning in life?” has been a gratitude blast. For most Americans, the 4 areas of life that contributed most to life satisfaction are friends, career, romantic partner and health.

Now, my personal UX edition. The top 3 things I’m thankful for as a designer are…

  1. The Internet (which gives us our jobs and so much more)
  2. Stumbling into UX by accident and watching it mature into a recognized field
  3. Access to education. No time in history is it easier to learn a new topic from scratch and access valuable learning from anywhere.

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Without further ado, here’s this week’s juicy UX reads:

Content strategy has piggybacked off the rise of UX for the last years, and now it’s finally stepped into the limelight. As the two fields are inextricably linked, I wrote What is Content Strategy? A UX Perspective. This is my inaugural post on UX Planet, so if you dig it smoosh that clap button!

  • Highlight: “Each piece of content constitutes the “what,” and content strategy is the “why” and “how” behind that content.”

As the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas.” In the recent years UX has seen massive growth in Dallas. I was surprised to learn that the Dallas-Fort Worth region employs more workers with UX skills than Silicon Valley, Austin, and metro Denver. If you’re mobile and looking for a UX job, check out the UX scene in Dallas.

  • Highlight: “In general, Texas has been a good market for (job) growth,” says Courtney, founder of Aperio Insights. “There are lots of tech-savvy people, and they stayed here, even after the telecom (bubble bust). We have a large population of people who are good at dealing with things that are complex.”

AR/VR, I admit, has remained a mystery to me as a UX designer. So it’s illuminating to see the build process of an AR app using Sketch + a new tool called Torch AR. I thought this feature was extremely neat:

  • Highlight: “One issue with 2D assets is that they have no depth, so they can completely disappear if oriented in the wrong direction. A great way to prevent this is to turn on the Face Camera behavior on your 2D assets. The Face Camera behavior makes it so your 2D files always face the user’s device, since that’s where the camera feed is coming from.”

Information architecture and grief is one of the most unique case studies I’ve read. Triceara (the author) talks about losing her mother to cancer, which fueled her desire to work through an IA redesign of a cancer treatment website. This reminded me of How Bad UX Killed Jenny – good design is so desperately needed in healthcare.

  • Highlight: “So how did I make it through this project? First, I developed my problem statement: How might I move past my grief so that I can complete my project on time? Then, I iterated on my grief. I used UX principles to re-examine it and allow myself to revisit the internal narrative I had composed regarding my mother’s battle with cancer. It was truly a cathartic process..”


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Keep learning,
Oz, founder @ UXBeginner

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